Let's get a bit personal

I am influenced with the vibrancy of the African continent, especially emerging entrepreneurs and businesses, coupled with developing a skilled pool of labor and the use of technology as an enabler for socio-economic growth.

How It All Started

During my university days in the Far East, besides bunking lectures, I was enthralled with business models and suggesting avenues for growth and innovation. This was possible through working on real-life case studies that honed my entrepreneurial instincts and cultivated an admiration for strategy.

Relocating to East Africa in 2010, I founded Genesis Consult, as a means to empower, transform and nurture business ideas towards sustainability and scaling businesses through best practices in strategy consulting.

Presently, my work involves a lot of different skills now - I'm as much an entrepreneur and management consultant as anything else, where I play a significant role with various organizations in East Africa as an Executive Advisor, Coach and Board Member.

About this site

This site not only represents my personal achievements and work, but also shares information and inspiration from varied sources in an attempt enlighten others with similar passion and spirit. You will discover how I get work done, things that inspire me, what I am working on, books I recommend and more.

Furthermore, it's an extension of my passion and tenacity for sharing and growing as a management consultant - "The leader of the past knew how to tell. The leader of the future will know how to ask - Peter Drucker."

Still wanting to know more?

I have a passion for researching on extra-terrestrials (doesn't that scare you?), technology (Big No to iPhones) and playing soccer (Manchester United fan). I love my chai whilst balancing my addiction for caffeine and enjoy a good game of cricket at the beachside anytime of the year.

To connect with me, feel free to email me nabeel [at] nabeelh [dot] com, follow me on Twitter @AfricanGenesis or call, +254 706 098 114 (Kenya) & +255 752 090 065 (Tanzania)